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When Will We Hit 94.3 Degrees This Summer?

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  Our “across-the-hall” sibling station, Wings 94.3,  has a cool promotion going on right now and you should participate! Predict the day Auburn/Opelika hits 94.3 degrees for the first time…

July 10, 2020 in MS&J Feed

Grateful Friday / Weird Fears / Sam the Clownfish

We want to hear what little and big things you’re grateful for. What weird fears do you have that you think few others do? Sam has a few words to…

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July 9, 2020 in MS&J Feed

Emails / Mom’s Eyes / Mom Brain

What happens when Jodi (who has a sensitivity to eyes) goes to her mom’s eye surgery? Do you hear emails in their sender’s voice? What is the mom brain and…

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